some artists and images that have inspired me

Egon Schiele,
Gustav Klimt, "Lebensbaum"  
Atanur Dogan, "Wrinkles"  
Giuseppe Archimboldo, "Water"  
deep sea angler fish  
James Christensen, "This is Not a Fish"  
M.C. Escher, "Rippled Surface"  
(Aztec) Quetzalcoatl mosaic mask  
Jean-Michel Basquiat, (title unknown)  
(from Pompeii) sea life mosaic  
Michael Bockelman, untitled  
Andy Goldsworthy, "Berries"  
Ralph Steadman,
"Godhead Tulum"  
Georgia O’Keefe, "The Shelton With Sunspots"  
René Magritte, "Carte Blanche"  
Tim McKenna, Laird Hamilton Surfing  
Andrew Wyeth,
"Pennsylvania Lanscape"  
J.M. William Turner, "Funerailles en Mer"  
Paul Klee, "Ancient Sound"  
Tarin Greco, "ink&twigdroppedonacityfromaplane"     

Rosario D'Rivera, "Cara 1"    
Cory Ench, fractal "Crackle"  
Margarita Fick, "Guelaguetza" y "Danza Diabla"  
Joel Cooper, "Origami Mask 5A"

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