broccoliworking artwork in progress by T.J.Brockelman


currently on easle: man, dog and frog


Actually the tree frog on the left is not part of the painting, but I couldn't resist taking some photos of this interesting visitor.  (Click on thumbnails for close-ups) The painting isn't done yet, but fortunately, the frog is sitting on a dry layer of paint...or unfortunately, perhaps? I think tree frogs have the coolest feet in the whole animal kingdom. It would have been neat if the he had come while the paint was wet and made little footprints here and there, and I could have painted over any areas that had unwanted footprints. I'm not going to pursue that idea though--I don't think I'd be comfortable with making a frog roll around on my paint palette and then making it hop around on the canvas.

I took the photos of the man and the dog on the same outing, on the same street. When painting from photos it helps to use multiple shots of the same subject. The more photos, the more visual information available.